Current (Summer/Spring 2022) Shoe Options with Roomy Midfoot


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After years of trying to find a proper fitting shoe, I've finally come to realize that I need a wider and higher volume midfoot rather than wide forefoot/toe box. Can anyone give some me an idea of some options that aren't simply wide in the toe box or wide everywhere and maybe just roomier in the midfoot area. And better if they don't have a really high stack or drop. I've tried:

Hypercourt Express 2 (2E): digs into outside of midfoot
NB 796 (2E): Just tight and uncomfortable all over
NB 696 (4E): Horrible cushioning, heel slips too much
Adidas Game Spec: Not really a "tennis" shoe but fits. Maybe a bit too roomy and lacing doesn't really allow much lock-down
Random Prince shoe from a mass retailer: Fit is ok. Heavy and really hot


You think the RushPro Ace might work better since it's marketed as being roomier? Happen to know if the last is the same?
I don't own the Ace so I can only speculate from what I see around the net.The RushPro 4 has an amazingly soft upper which makes it feel super roomy.The Ace should be close but the cushioning of the RushPro 4 is superior for sure.