Custom Paintjob Question


I'm not trying to change the entire paintjob on my racquets-- I just want to add some touches on areas that are kind of ugly and too flashy. So spray paint is out of the option.

I'm very interested in felt-tip pens. I know Torres used them for his Juice Pro, and I'm looking to do the same. So does anyone know if there are specific felt-tip pens required, or will the Papermate Flair pens work (about $10 for 12 pens).

Coincidentally, I'd like to do this for my Juice Pro as well (copycat, I know). So if anyone is familiar with paintjob touch-ups or felt-tip pens, I'd really appreciate your help!


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As long as they don't rub off they should be good. Maybe you can ever so slightly roughen the paint so the ink sticks better.


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I went to an auto parts store and picked up a duplicolor 2in1 scratch fix. I got a 2013 blade thru a trade that looked like it was just strung and then dropped and there were a few chips and a couple scratches. The 2in1 has a brush but also has a rollerball option. It worked great to hide the damage. I could've used bondo (sp?) but just did a few layers every day. Paint match on the glossy black was decent..not perfect by any means. But if you're redoing the colors should work great. I think touch up paint would be better than markers or pens right? Oh yeah price was $8 for a 1/2 fl oz bottle I think.