Custom Pure Drive paint job


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Currently I am in the process of repainting a babolat pure drive lite that I bought off some dude on an auction site (that I will not disclose but you already know which one) for like 50 bucks.

This is it covered with paint thinner, I went ahead and bought new grommets cause the old ones were broken and in really bad shape. The frame is in perfect condition though.

One problem I have encountered and fixed, or am fixing is that the little Cortex thingie streches out and doesn't want to fit back in the Cortex thingie place like it once did. Using some drywall filling I went ahead and filled the area in, it won't be 100% perfect but it will look somewhat ok when it is finished.

Here's a pic of the filling on the racquet. It has yet to fully dry, once dry I will sand it and apply paint primer over it.

I will update this thread as I continue with the project.