Customizing my LM Radical MP (Austrian)...any thoughts?



So I ended up customizing my racquet to the specs, and it turns out that the radical can be an awesome racquet after all, suitable for all players, young to old, spin or no spin, one or two handed backhand when customized correctly.
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So the racquet is now customized and is ready for a test drive.

The odd thing is I somehow ripped off two grams off the handle/grip while stripping it naked. So instead of it having a 31.5 cm balance point, it is now around 31.6 cm, making it .6 points more head-heavy- but that shouldn't be a problem.

I also decided to give it a swingweight of 332 instead of 336 for serving purposes.


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I don't know this helps but I have modified my LM Tour as well. I remove the head guard and trim it. Put about 3 grams of weight on 3 and 9 each. Replaced the grip with the lightest grip from babolat. (Forgot its name)
It weighs at about 335grams but I hv yet to check its balance and SW. The swing has became extremely fast.
My one handed backhand improved a lot and my serve's precision was significantly increased. However my FHs shows some hiccups. A lot more balls hit the net.