cyberflash or silverstring?


hi in my other thread i received thoughts saying to go with weisscannon silverstring over the plasma pure. but also many saying to go with cyberflash and i was wondering what the thoughts were comparing silverstring to cyberflash


even though they look the same, these strings are pretty different. Cyberflash is way stiffer and offers much more bite for spin. Cyberflash also has much less power.

Please note that I'm comparing CF 1.25 to SS 1.2


Ditto that on the Cyberflash though I've found it has sort of a golden hour. I'm in love with it freshly strung (at 63lbs) but have found it loses a little something after that. Might just be me.


The Silverstring offers better overall performance, IMO. Of course string preference is subjective and there are many variables to be considered. For me the Silverstring offers a better overall feel, excellent spin, outstanding control and decent power. It holds properties longer than the CyberFlash.


yeah, cyberflash is great when you first have it strung, i personally also string it at 63lbs, and the tension loss is quite noticeable.


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I am also deciding between buying reels of these 2 strings...can anyone elaborate more on their properties...

I have played with both, I am just not sure whether spending an extra $60 for silver string is worth it...

and if you can, how would you compare TF Red code to these 2, the price of a reel of TF is right inbetween the 2


Again, I haven't hit with the silver string, but I have bought a reel of Cyberflash (17 gauge) and do like it. I agree that 63 pounds is high, but I'm a large mammal (6'4" 200 lbs with a 78" wingspan) so I need help keeping the ball on the court so I really require the high tension. I've tried from 50 up and found 63 to be the highest I'm comfortable stringing at. I'd go higher, but my racquet is only rated to 62.

The string has good spin, good power, and loses tension like pretty much all poly's. I haven't found it any worse than Luxilon, Signum, or Gamma Zo (really didn't like that one but it came with the stringer for free) though it's cheaper than all of them. I'm actually going to restring tonight with MSV Focus Hex which as gotten good reviews on stringforum


I wonder what TTers are players of either of these (as of now / mid Sept 2020) ?

if so: Have you tried the other one?

Is it your daily driver twine, or was, and you've moved on to some "greener pasture" (perhaps neon green? <wink>).

I've played both in limited fashion but I'm a poly player by nature. As a stringer I like to know what y'all think since.. I can't play everything extensively.


esp with my first TE episode of my life. I have to go nice-nice on the arm for a good while.


I think that to address this question, we should ask the more complete question.

including in my opinion
mantis power poly
signum firestorm etpoly megaforce
dyreex alu tower
weiss scorpion
turned big hitter silver ..

there are others, probably .. a lot, but these 8 strings are in the same category in my opinion ....