D1 medical timeout rules

During a D1 men's tennis match recently, the players were in the middle of a 10 pt superbreaker (instead of a 3rd set) when one of the players started cramping. It was so bad that he basically just sat on the baseline because his legs were hurting so much. His opponent complained that he couldn't just take a break because of cramping. The cramping player then asked for a trainer, but his opponent said he wasn't allowed a medical timeout for cramping. Several coaches came oncourt, and after some discussion, it was concluded that the player would be allowed a 5 minute medical timeout, although after he was treated by the trainer, he had to forfeit the match anyway because he still couldn't move his legs.

What is the official NCAA ruling on this? Was the player indeed allowed to have a medical timeout? If so, was 5 minutes the correct length? And would the ruling have been different if it was a full 3rd set instead of a superbreaker?


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ITA gets one MTO per match, or one in the warm-up and one in the match for same condition. The player should get treatment and be allowed to see the trainer, max time is 15 minutes, but treatment limited to 3 minutes.