Daily Mail article on Federer... some figures blatantly WRONG! How can this be??


Hall of Fame

With Roger Federer approaching his 30th birthday this summer, his motivation in the French Open final against Rafael Nadal is to end the two-year drought he has endured in Grand Slam tournaments since he last stood triumphant on Centre Court at Wimbledon.
Wrong. Australia 2010. Where's the author been?

Annacone, 48, worked with Sampras as the American gathered a record 14 Grand Slam championships that was removed from the history books only two years ago when Federer won his 15th and 16th major titles at the French Open and Wimbledon within one memorable month.
What the... ? If the first mistake was a careless error, how is this one explained? How can the Daily Mail employ such a clueless sports writer? It's the UK's second biggest selling newspaper.


The mail is awful. Nearly every tennis article is filled with factual errors so glaring that a casual tennis fan could spot them. Mike Dickson or whatever his name is, is terrible. He's hugely biased towards Murray, slightly towards Nadal sometimes and sometimes against Federer and Djokovic but has had to concede defeat in the light of Novak's wins recently.

He also gets so many things wrong and obviously can't be bothered using the internet to check some facts. The guy who wrote this article is no better.


Earlier last week they claimed Murray's victory over Troicki was never as easy as the scorline suggested. What's easy about a 5 set scoreline?


Such sloppy writing is inexcusable. All the writer has to do is pull up Federer's wikipedia page and someone would have done all the necessary research already. Daily Fail indeed.


It's amazing they even found time and space to write about tennis amongst all the articles about immigrants, benefit cheats, foreigners, immigrant benefit cheats, cheating foreigners and whichever hideous tropical disease the good citizens of Nuneaton will die of this week, assuming they haven't all been forced out of their homes by foreign immigrants wielding benefit cheques.

It is not generally considered to be the finest example of British journalism!!!