damaging strings from clamps


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hey i did my first string job and i realized after i look closely there are some FLAT spots in the string where it looks like it was damaged from the clamps. im assuming this could be a problem.

but if i losen the clamps it feels like they're not holding correctly. may be it's just in my imagination. oh the clamps are the ones from an eagnas hawk 26.

iono if you can see it in this picture.



i dont see anything. slight indentation is fine. better to have the clamps tight than the string slip imo.


You should try cleaning your clamps w/ some alcohol. If it still slips you may have to tighten your clamps slightly.

Tim W

You should have them tight enough for the string not to slip but not that tight that it makes permanent indentations in the string.
Having the string crushed can make weak points.


If you're talking about the white dashes caused by the clamps, then everything is fine. No need to panic.


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I have the same problem, especially at the beginning at the string job. It either slips when i drop the weight, or it just clamps it too hard leaving permanent indentations. Takes a few drops before I'm able to adjust to the perfect clamp width.

I don't think the OP is talking about those white scuff marks.


Those are really Flat spot. I just started stringing also.

Give it a few hit with it, let us know what happens. maybe they will go back in their original texture.