Daniil Medvedev is here to geek out about his Tennis Gear! #2 ranked ATP player talks about his Tecnifibre racquet, Lacoste shoes & more!

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Daniil Medvedev joins us to talk all about his on court gear! He explains how he got started playing with Tecnifibre and why he loves his TFight 305 RS Racquet and why the unique string pattern seems to fit his on court style. He also talks about his Lacoste shoes and the testing process with them. He even gives you some insight into what makes him unique and authentic and what location in the world is on his bucket list for his next vacation!

Enjoy the banter and fun and be sure to check out Daniil's gear on Tennis Warehouse!

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cha cha

Not bad in all honesty.
It is the adrenaline what brings out the dou*he. Happens to the best of us.


At 6:59 what does he mean "turns around" with forehands? Or at 1.04 "turn around the ball"?!
he means being able to get around the ball for (for example while running to reach it) to create an angle and change of direction.


Hall of Fame
Listened to this one while mowing the lawn. Daniil is such a likeable guy to me… I see people complain about his on court antics or arguing, but I just see passion.

Mike Bulgakov

Nice interview! I wonder how Daria (his wife) would react if he told her, "I've booked a great vacation for the tennis offseason. We're spending a month in Antarctica!"