Dartmouth Tennis - Go Big Green

Liam Grennon

Hello all,
Dartmouth had a huge season this year, at one point reaching as high as 13th in the country. They won the Ivy’s, a league dominated in the most part by Columbia. The future is looking up, and I thought I would make a thread for them.
I also live in NH and attend there summer camp for two weeks every year. The Dartmouth coaching team for the men’s and women’s team over see and teach at the camp. I leave in about 2 weeks so if anyone has any questions about there program or anything else I can report back.


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Sorry, Ivy league tennis, no one cares, go SEC
I am not a big fan of The Ivy League but this is an ignorant comment. The Ivy League has become one of the best tennis conferences in the country. This year 6 of the 8 teams in the conference were ranked in the final ITA Rankings...Columbia (15), Dartmouth (31), Harvard (33), Cornell (48), Princeton (53) and Penn (60).

Over the last few years, Ivy teams have beaten numerous teams from power conferences. This past season Columbia beat Ok St, Ole Miss (twice), Vandy, SMU (though SMU was not very good this year) and UVA. They played 17 matches against ranked teams. Not to mention that in 2017 they beat TCU (#9) and Purdue (NCAA's 1st round) and in 2016 they beat Stanford (#7), Minnesota (#27) and Vandy (#21)

Also this past season: Harvard beat Ok State (1st round NCAA's), Texas Tech, Memphis, Northwestern, South Florida, Old Dominion, Auburn and Utah; ....Dartmouth beat Indiana, Louisville, Minnesota, Rice and Wichita State;...Princeton beat Rice, Auburn and South Florida;...Cornell beat Iowa, Oregon, Wichita State and Penn State;...Penn beat Penn State.

Other notables: In 2017, Dartmouth beat LSU, Cornell beat Oklahoma (16) on the road, Wisconsin (56) on the road, Wichita State (71) on the road, Rice (NCAA's 1st round), Clemson (64), BYU (67), Tennessee (18) and Penn State (52) on the road.

In 2016, Harvard beat Vandy (#21) and ODU (37), Cornell beat Indiana (47), Princeton beat Memphis (25), Penn St (52), Indiana (47) and Iowa (57)

Also this past season, Columbia, Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton and Penn were all in the rankings at some point during the season.

It is a great thing to have this level of competition in the northeast. It will help grow college tennis.