Davis Cup 2010 key to all of Novaks success?


Hall of Fame
Some people say the USO 10 win against Roger was the turning point but I think it only looks like that because they won the Davis cup. Because after USO 10' he still had a pretty poor end to the year only winning the title in Beijing and lost three times to Roger and once to Nadal. I really do wonder where Novak would be today if they had lost that final tie and Novak lost his match. It seems all of this success, confidence and belief has all stemmed from that win. I remember watching him in the Hopman cup at the start of 2011 and thinking he looks like a completely different player. Its just unbelievable how he has built upon that win, its just been like a domino effect, one thing after another. I believe had he lost that tie we would have still seen a similar player to that of 09', 10' seasons with a couple of good seasons, winning some masters and maybe one of two slams.