Davis Cup nominations for Argentina


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If Nalbandian and/or Coria are unable to play Friday, which players are mostly likely to fill their spots on the team?


Who's on the team already? The top Argentines after Nalby and Coria include Augustin Calleri, Gaston Gaudio, Mariano Zabaleta, & Franco Squillari.

I'd pick Calleri and Gaudio to play singles.


Argentina will feature Calleri and Cañas (with a slight knee injury) on singles. Doubles will be played by Arnold-Calleri (as it has been during the last ties). The extra player that will be in the team (just in case) in young revelation Juan Monaco (defeated Guga in Nasdaq-100). Believe it or not, Cañas has accepted to play even with an injury since he loves to play Davis Cup and said that he loves to play for his country.
In case you are interested, Argentina will be taking some young juniors as sparrings to practice with the team (Ignacio Gonzalez King and Juan del Potro). The stringer (Claudio Montenegro) and physical therapist (Diego Rivas) are part of the Argentine team. By the way, everybody except Cañas (flying today) are in Minsk already.
The players that are there said that Belarus has put a very fast surface, and that they arebeing treated very well by everybody.


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Thanks, more info than I ever hoped to get. Cannot wait till Friday's complete overload of tennis.