Davydenko vs Ferrer could do some damage at FO?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Ballinbob, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Ballinbob

    Ballinbob Hall of Fame

    Sep 7, 2008
    Edit- Title should be Davydenko AND Ferrer could do some damage at FO? --Sorry

    Thoughts on these 2 players? I think both are pretty good clay courters and could go far at the FO. Do you think Ferrer and Davydenko could go far in the FO if they're game is on? If Roger met one of these two players and their game was on, who would you give the edge too?

    Also, would you consider Djokovic more of a threat than Davy/Ferrer? Or are these two players just overrated?

    Discuss, would love to hear your comments
  2. miniRafa386

    miniRafa386 Hall of Fame

    Jun 10, 2007
    if ferrer is playing well, he could, but davy, not really. especially after his injury the first 1/4 of the year.
  3. egn

    egn Hall of Fame

    Dec 15, 2008
    Ferrer has the skills but they never show up, Davy I don't think would be on. If both were playing top notch they could be threats, but right now I don't think it would pose a problem to Federer as he handles them fine and I think DJokovic would fair better against Davy then Ferrer but he could probably handle Ferrer. Though his Davis Cup match makes me suspect of this assumption, but lets see how Djokovic is when the clay court season is in full swing, I don't seem to think he will have any problem handling either than. Djokovic though can possibly meet up with Ferrer in Monte Carlo so we will see.
  4. Gizo

    Gizo Hall of Fame

    May 15, 2007
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Davydenko and Ferrer are the 2nd and 3rd most talented active players on clay in my opinion. They have both underachieved on clay during their careers. Davydenko has been undone by his mental weakness, and Ferrer by his poor choice of tactics at crucial moments/matches.
    Federer and Djokovic play the same way on clay as they do on hard, and I find them pretty boring to watch on the red dirt. As long as Nadal (in Djokovic's case Ferrer as well) hasn't been their opponent, they've been able to get away with it because the current clay court era is abysmally weak, and hard court tennis is generally the norm on the surface nowadays.
    Djokovic has clearly regressed and is less confident on his favourite surface, hard, so it remains to be seen how he'll shape on clay this year. I can't see him replicating his results from last year. Ferrer would be the favourite against him on clay because of the way they match-up against each other on the surface. Their matches at Monte-Carlo in 2007 and the Davis Cup earlier this year confirm that. Davydenko at his best could easily handle Djokovic on clay if they both played to the best of their abilities. He has been struggling with his ongoing heel injury this season, and I don't expect him to start playing lights out tennis straight away as he returns to action. It will most likely take him a few tournaments to get back into the swing of things.
  5. Pirao

    Pirao Semi-Pro

    Apr 7, 2009
    Yeah I hope Davydenko does well on clay I like his game. Ferrer is good on clay too. They could get to quarters, maybe even semis.
  6. rubberduckies

    rubberduckies Professional

    Aug 3, 2008
    Davydenko could be up 3 sets to none and still manage to find a way to lose the match. I have no idea how he would do that, but he can and will find a way.

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