Davydenko vs Nalbandian


Hall of Fame
Two incredibly talented players that when they were on they could beat anyone but who do you think out of the two was the greater overall?

Two similarly aggressive attacking baseliners -
Forehand - Davy
Backhand - Nalbandian
Serve - Nalbandian
Movement/Agility - Davy
Volley's - Nalbandian
Mental - Slight edge to Davy

Davy - titles - 21 - Miami, Paris, Shanghai, WTF's - 6 Slam QF's/4 Slam SF's
Nalbandian - titles - 11 - Paris, Madrid, WTF's - 5 Slam QF's/4 Slam SF's/1 Final

H2H - 7-5 to Nalbandian
Highest Ranking - Both Number 3

Two similar career's, both showed inconsistency having spurts of red hot form and winning titles beating the best one minute then the next going out in the first round. Both showed mental fragility throughout their career's but also great fortitude by beating the best on many occasions to win titles but both fell short in their quest for a grand slam title, with David coming the closest. In terms of titles Davydenko takes it but both won similarly big titles and David made it to a slam final and has a winning H2H. Both had very respectable H2H's against Rafa especially Davy who had a winning H2H of 6-5. But David also had a very respectable H2H against Roger which was 11-8 whereas Davy's was abysmal. But my vote would have to go to Davy just because of the better consistency and title haul.


I loved watching them play. They were good at different aspects of the game - Nalbandian was an artist and Davydenko an offensive baseliner. Nalbandian's volleys were sublime but Davydenko's were (most of the time) poor. Nalbandian's emotions and weight were all over the place but Davydenko's were (most of the time) solid.

Nalbandian was more dangerous to Federer and I remember just how tough he made life for Federer in the early days.

Nalbandian's backhand is one of a kind. Davydenko's ability to hit on the rise was, well, Davydenko-esque. Both will be missed.