WOW! That was a long day! Over 9 hours on court, legs are jello. So I was practicing with a few teammates all day pretty much and some odd stuff happened... Started with 4 sets of dubs and my serve game was good since I wasn't broken (few deuces and BPs), won all 4 sets while changing up partners, returns were great, net game was meh, attacking was beast. Then we switched to team singles :\ Serve left me! I had a few double faults and was basically kicking my serves to the bh and body 90% of the time. That made a huge difference and went 2-2 in singles sets. Gotta say I was getting pretty ticked and more vocal.
Just thought I'd ask what y'all think went down, why does YOUR serve leave you? (Does it?)

fuzz nation

Well, your legs were jello...

The good news is that your arm wasn't spent before anything else. That's a really good sign that you're powering your shots from the ground up by using those big, strong legs. Although it's possible for a player to deliver a 100 mph serve from a kneeling position at the baseline - not much leg power contributing there - I think that a good repeatable serve needs a lot of leg drive.

Lots of times when I watch a match and two players turn in a long, tough point with a lot of scrambling that leaves them sucking some extra wind, it's interesting to see what the server does when in that depleted state. Sometimes a smarter player will go for a heavy spin first serve with a lot of margin for error, since that hitter knows that they're recovering and can't deliver a reliable attempt at a big first ball. Others with less awareness will often double fault because they don't know what they don't have on tap to power their delivery.

You played up against the limits of your endurance. That in itself can be a huge learning experience that you can work in your favor down the road. Sounds like you made a decent on-the-spot adjustment and went with what you could use instead of insisting on swinging bigger and missing with serves that weren't there for you.

Even if I'm not in my 7th or 8th hour of play (yikes!), I might be a little worn out and trying to play with a little less life in my legs. To keep my serve working, that's when I need to slow down my delivery and make sure that I get a deliberate knee bend before I drive to the ball. Otherwise the energy in my swing to contact will drop off as my serve tempo gets too compressed.


Maybe the 9 hours was a little much, body felt fine during points but if I had time to stand around I'd get wobbly. Well I hit a df at the start of singles and missed 3 1st serves, then hit another df. So I switched to the safe heavy spin 1st (right decision I guess). It got teed off on a few times but at least I started the point! Yeah when I start feeling tired it's from the bottom up, legs to abs to shoulders to arms, I'm pretty hard on my legs lol lots of running for stuff that I should just let go :)
In practice, run for everything, even if you know you can't make it. Run like you will make it to the ball. One day in a match, you will get to one that nobody would ever think you would get to. At that moment, you will still have a chance to win the point and make the person think about about you getting to the rest of their shots.