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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Rift, Jul 9, 2008.

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I absolutely love tennis, to the point that my wife rolls her eyes every time I mention going out to play. She doesn't hate tennis in any way, as a matter of fact she loves to play as well, just not to the degree I do. Well last week we were at home and it was raining pretty bad out and we decided to play some video games. We pulled out our copy of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution for those who are unaware) with our thick foam mats and played. I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of this game before for some simple tennis training.

    For those of you who have never played or even heard of this game, it does not in any way teach you how to dance, and if you were seen at a club dancing the way the game describes you'd probably be laughed out of the club.

    The nice thing that the game does provide you is footwork and balance training. The game requires you to learn proper footwork and balancing in order continue the songs you "dance" to. It is somewhat difficult for me to explain the actual gameplay in writing but that isn't important anyway.

    I have been playing DDR for the past week and I after work today I got together with one of my friends for a quick game of tennis. Normally her and I are at a pretty equal level of tennis, she'll win a few games, then I'll win a few games. But today I completely trounced her. My reaction time was so much better than it had been that I can't help but think it has something to do with the video game.

    That is why I thought I would share my discovery with all of you. Try out DDR and see if it helps your tennis game out. If you want to see what the game looks like before you try it, go to a local arcade or if that isn't available to you look it up on youtube. Also if you have never played DDR before and you don't want to look silly in public, I would recommend getting a copy of the game at home, because nobody is good at the game when they first play it.

    Well let me know what you all think. ^_^

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    Mar 13, 2008
    For sure DDR will help you with your split step stamina and timing. Plus it's pretty fun and challenging, especially on heavy.

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