De Minaur not happy with AO official


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Well maybe he's an idiot for playing Sydney if he wants to do well at the Australian.

He's literally ******** about not getting preferential treatment.

@Shank Volley we might have a case of NOT GOOD ENOUGH FROM DE MINAUR
He’s 19 years old trying to make a name for himself—ANY tournament run is a good one. He’s not like a Big 3 member saving himself for the AO. Both he and and his team know he’s not going deep at the AO this year.


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Whats the point of whining to get your own match pushed back? Doesn't he know that his entire section of the draw is gonna be pushed back as well? No sense in delaying the tournament. And why wouldn't the AO want local stars to be doing well? Silly.

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Does anyone else find it uncomfortable watching a weedy looking kid possibly on the spectrum doing aggressive come-ons and fist pumps on every point? :confused:


Does anyone else find it uncomfortable watching a weedy looking kid possibly on the spectrum doing aggressive come-ons and fist pumps on every point? :confused:
The little monkey's got an effective game, but it sure ain't pretty to watch.

And all the gratuitous celebrating doesn't help either.


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Im not for his celebrating others errors like any player or shouting like a classless hoon, I prefer Niko Basher,
Meds and some other quieter guys that let their racquets do the talking but the feisty rabbit has a good point.
I rarely seen finalists of a few days before a Slam play on the first day, thats just AOs incompetence much like
USO was at one point when mid 30s Agassi was forced to play Fed the day after he beat his previous opponet in 5 sets.
Its for the sake of the fans that officials make some sacrifices in order to see their fave players at their best.
AO could have easily swapped him from the bottom halve of the draw with a qualifier using a hand draw
that picks a qualifier to replace him on the bottom draw and he could play in the top draw as an option.
Another option seeing how tired Simon or Alex would have been is to introduce a fast 4 format for their matches
if they both agreed to give them more rest for the final. Rain is never good for schedules but at worst case the
match should be played in the indoor practice courts regardless of the fans needs as these athletes are valuable.
I also believe players of the same countries shouldnt meet on the first round and if that happens they could pick
again for a new opponent and carry on. There is still room for improvement in many areas specially asking the
players to see what they would prefer and as long as it does not impede on the waiting opponent etc.

Either way AO is still the most incompetent Event of the lot where Tennis Australia only care about $$$$$
by having loud try hard boring bands playing music loudly so they can serve as much booze as possible
to non tennis lovers on cheap ground passes for maximum profits. Its a farce when it comes to any class.
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It is what it is, if you choose to play right before a Slam.
In return for playing in a weaker field , it might even end up being worth it if he wins Sydney.
@Red Rick I was about to make this point. If you want to snag a ranking that's higher than your level of play warrants by vulturing tournaments with barren fields, that's your business. But at least have the common sense to choose 250 tournaments that aren't the week before a grand slam.

His scheduling decisions thus far have been in keeping with how he comes across in interviews, a bit stupid.

Dominic Thiem wrote the book on poor planning and it looks like we have his heir apparent in De Minaur.

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I would think, ”Tennis Australia” should have spoken in favor for De Menour. And AO shouldn’t have pee’d into his cerials. My thinking is that a national tennis society should tkw care of favoring their players in any tournament with more favorable schedule than for others.

Why do you think Kerber and Zverev, Federer are playing an ITF cup prior to AO?

However I think, if you go play a tourney that will end two dYs before a slam, You are taking a risk. It could very qell have been, that thw final was to be postponed a day...

Figure your schedule and determine, where your principles are!

No more on pain meds - all contributed matter and anti-matter are still subject to disclaimer
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You often see players get 2 or 3 days off before their next match in another tournament
after being finalists, if smaller tournaments can work with each other Im sure Sydney and AO
officials could stick their thumbs out of their passages and do something.
Theres too much bureaucracy in tennis it needs to get more logical with the times and with the players.
In return Bad Demeanor can get a few tips on etiquette in return from officials as tennis is not a show for
reality tv clowns as it was always something gracious and the epitome of human gallantry in competition.
I remember seeing Hewitt as one of the first players to constantly celebrate opponents UE and thought
what a pathetic low life twerp and now he has made it a customary thing for most selfie gens.
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