Dead Poly is bad for your back!!!

Discussion in 'Strings' started by tennispal, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. tennispal

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    May 29, 2007
    OK guys ive had on and off back pain. nothing big, just really annoying. i recently remembered that this started when i switched to half poly half synthtic a year ago. they normally last 3 months for me. they go really dead after about 2 months, but i never have cut them out before.

    recently the back pain has been especially bad. i was in the third month of one racquet. on a hunch, i switched to my other one which had a brand new stringjob. the next day, i hit hard and full for 2 hrs and no back pain!!!

    i am so happy i finally found the cause of my back pain. i blamed it on everything from basketball, housework, clarinet, and technique.

    can anyone confirm this? can dead polys cause injuries?????
  2. tennisfreak15347

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    Jun 15, 2008
    most definetly. Dead poly's also mean that they have lost all resiliency, thus, it transmits more shock to your body. Even in a multifilament such as Wilson Sensation can do this. Once it dies, it doesn't absorb shock anymore and it transmits all of it to your body, thus I had TE. This stopped exactly when I got a new stringjob. Do yourself and your health a favor, and re-string immediately once you feel pain in whereever you normally dont feel pain.
    Also, IMO, I feel 2 months would be a little to long for a poly; I would re-string once every month if allowed, or once every 1.5 months. Also, a good way to check for if your polys are dead is to do the following : after practice, move one of your mains about half an inch to the left or the right, and let go. If it snaps back, it's still good, if it doesnt, then it's time to open your wallet. The reason this tells you that your poly's are dead is because poly's have a unique characteristic regarding tension loss. They hold tension exceptionally well after the initial tension loss, then only loses tension after they die.

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