dead strings with no pop with the longest dwell time


What are you trying to achieve? Define what you mean by dead. Long dwell means an elastic string that cups the ball ALOT. 4-5 ms is the duration you're looking for? What are you planning to use as a main because that will also have a major effect on dwell time.

Asking for a non poly cross means nylon, which means you cannot achieve long dwell times unless you use thin gauge at low tensions. Nylon (all stretched out) would work, but it would wreak havoc on control.


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go testing many many strings, frame, dwell time can change with tension..
a popular dead string is cyclone...thou..


Kirschbaum plain synthetic gut 1.25 at 53lbs cross tension.
It's a soft , dead , muted feel on the crosses .

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I love the Gosen Micro Syn. Gut, use the 17g....last just long enough, doesn't loose too much tension over time, and is good on the arm...and its not pricy


Wilson Revolve Spin might be worth a try.

The TWU lab data shows that while most polys return 80 to 90% of energy, Wilson Revolve Spin only returns 35.5% of the energy.

Unless it's a typo (and it may very well be), this is the lowest powered string (perhaps barring Kevlar, which, for some reason, TWU does not seem to test).