Deep 1HBH

Any tips for hitting a deep shot to the backhand? Whenever a deep shot is hit to my backhand, I either step back and slice it over my left shoulder, and the ball goes high and short( lands in service box), or attempt to hit on rise (results in frame or moon ball). Any tips?


All I can think of is practice your timing, hitting on the rise works good for me when catching deep balls, just practice hard!

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Keep your strokes relax and let the speed of the swing from your shoulder drive the ball.

Add some air time to your ball can make the ball go longer - hitting more topspin (swing from low to high). Keep you eye fix on the ball from start to finish. Finish you arm and racquet up right above your head (like holding a torch).

Also bend your knees to get a good solid base and more power as transfer your weight to the front leg.


its all about timing and preparation. and contact point. I have no problem hitting deep with my bh but i have this problem with my FH and im working on it and all i can say is get ur rhythm right and keep practicing :p


When he says deep he means its close to the baseline and its low. When its deep for me, i usually change to a continental grip and do my normal stroke. Just try things out and just practice because even if you know what to do, the low 1hbh is a shot that needs practice to get in consistently.