Deeper Forehand?

Alright, so i’ve recently changed my fh grip from an eastern to a semi-western for the extra spin, and have been lovin’ it after some hardships with the grip.

My new fh has good power (grip change didn’t cause that, but just wanted to add), good spin, but it lacks depth. Almost all of my shots land in the service box, but my goal is mid-way from the box and the baseline.

Occasionally I hit deep, but not consistently. Maybe I need more time, but I am looking for tips on how to hit deeper.

If I can, I’ll try to put a video of me playing to show what I mean.



Bionic Poster
Unless you have great control to hit low above the net and yet deep, the easiest way is to hit a little higher and also try to increase your racket head speed, till you find the right balance.