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Very good question. More threads should just get locked I reckon.


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Take your pick or any combination of.

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I will demonstrate this the best I can to emphasize the point.

We run this message board to be a friendly environment to discuss tennis and tennis only.

Each section has its merits, and we try to keep things flowing the best we can while preserving the ideology behind the board as a whole.

If a thread is all-of-a-sudden mobbed by negativity (the unproductive/non-constructive type), we have to make a judgement call of whether to delete individual posts or the whole thread.

We tend not to lock threads because they will get buried by new ones so quickly that it's not worth cleaning up/locking, we would rather either end it or keep the discussion going.

If you feel a thread is in danger of being deleted, report posts that are breaking the rules and we will do our best to save it.

And since there are stickies about all of the rules (and I would suggest contacting admin before starting a thread to question moderation), I will leave it at that.

We welcome feedback, but only if it can be constructive.

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