Delray beach open

Jonny S&V

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Thanks for the pics and vids, but when did Mardy and Tommy etc... start with Kswiss apparell/shoes :confused:.

Querrey was sweating up a storm too, how hot was it today?


Mardy and Tommy both signed with Kswiss before the season began. There are threads in the gear section with press releases and whatnot. :)


Do you guys think it is worth it to spend $48 to purchase B2 network LIVE streaming for this event. It looks like the live stream starts today but it is bit expensive. But it looks like some great matches today, Mirny vs Delic and donald young is playing doubles with Spadea, i ain't afraid of ya..


Did you see that ? ON match point in the tiebreaker, Max Mirny hit a 2nd serve on top of the racket and hit it out of the stadium. Talk about a misshit....


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Haas' shoulder looked suspect. I don't think he hit one serve over 110 mph in the third set. Most were between 97 and 104.

As for Bobby Reynolds, his shoulder looked to be in great condition. Excellent serving from the American. Malisse looked flat, however, and racked up like 11 foot faults.

Moose Malloy

What a joke event, the #66 is the #3 seed? and the #78 is the #8 seed? Some challengers get better fields. And just looking at the draw of a challenger in South Africa this week, their #4 seed is ranked 71.

Its funny Young could play Delic, Nishikori, & Reynolds to get the semis, which wouldnt be an out of place draw in a challenger at all.