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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by AngeloDS, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. AngeloDS

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I was curious on the demo racquets. How are they? And how does the "demoing" work?

    I want to try out a Bablot and a Specific Wilson racquet before I go out and buy it.
  2. 16

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    Feb 18, 2004
    If you go to the racquet you want to demo, select demo at the top the next page willl have a explanation of "how demoing works". Once you select your first demo just pick another one if you want more. You get the racquet for a week if you have it shipped and can demo from (1-4) racquets per session.
  3. bcarroll

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    TW racket demo program is excellent. I have demo'ed two 'batches' of rackets in the recent past. In both cases, the rackets arrived in a box I could re-use. Inside the box is a receipt and a return postage (UPS) already paid label. 7 days from when you receive the rackets, put them back in the box, put the new label on and drop them off at a UPS drop-off point.

    My only 'complaint' is I had to wait over a week to get the racket I wanted. I really can't blame TW for this - they are dependent on people like you and me to return the rackets on time. I travel a lot, however, and didn't want the rackets arriving just as I headed out of town. I called several times to check on racket availability and made a change (Babolat Pure Drive std in place of Pure Drive Plus) to allow shipping to take place sooner.

    I think its a great program.
  4. CivicLx

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    Mar 23, 2005
    San Jose, Ca
    Angelo-I've demoed two "batches" from TW as well and they've both been good experiences...the first time I ordered on a monday morning and I got them by Tuesday afternoon (I live in NoCal) and the others I ordered last Thursday and I got them the next day on Friday. I demoed 4 at a time because the shipping is the same if you live in California, but I think next time I might just demo 2 at a time so I can spend more time with each one...actually to be honest I've spent most of the past week using the Baboloat I'm demoing.
    Anyway, TW does have a good program and I'm even late returning the racquets...went to UPS store yesterday and today and they were closed...I just called TW to let them know and they were real cool so I hope you take advantage of their program and good luck in your quest :)

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