Demoing a few racquets.

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I was cleared to start playing again after not playing over a month because of my shoulder injury. I still have to do some strengthening for my shoulder but other than that I'm fine.

I'm considering demoing:

Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex
Dunlop M-Fil 200 16x19
Head MicroGEL Extreme Pro
Possibly the Speedport Black when that comes out.

Right now I'm using the Babolat Pure Drive Cortex. My style of play is mostly staying at the baseline but coming up to the net whenever possible because I feel super comfortable at the net. I served underhand for my varsity high school team this year (as a freshmen) #2 singles because of my injury. My overhand serve used to be pretty fast (around 100mph) and I had a slice/kick serve as my 2nd serve. Any input would be appreciated.
The only racquet I've played with on your list is the Head, but I played with the regular version, not the Pro. I liked it a lot. I thought it was very similar to the Dunlap 500 I played with. It was great for serving and volleying.

I think you'll like the new Nadal racquet best. You seem like an advanced player based on your selections. I really was not impressed with any Prince racquets at all.

You may want to add the nBlade to your list. That one seems like an aggro player's stick too.


apd is fun but light and not great control
look at the AG200, not the mfil, its a winner if you dont rely on spin
mep i really liked on groundstrokes, couldnt figure it out for serves. Its pretty hefty


Take a look at Volkl sticks. Most of them are very arm-friendly. Specially Classic V1 or its predecessor.

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I've tried the regular APD and I couldn't get my serves in (tried it last year) but everything else was good.

Saqdeez, howcome you say the AG200 over the M-Fil. I choose the M-fil because of the 16x19 string pattern and since I don't live in Europe I can't get the 16x19 AG.

I've somewhat narrowed it down to the AG/M-Fil 200 and the APD cortex. Anyone else have anything they'd like to add. I want to be completely confident before choosing demos.

Also how's the Head LM/MicroGEL Radical?


The radical line may be on the light side for you, except for the pro/tour. That line also will give you a lot less power than your other selections

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Yeah less power is something I don't like since I'm used to the Babolats. Is the M-Fil/AG 200 a more powerful like the Babolats or on the weaker side?


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MF-200 16x19 is medium-low can whack the ball pretty hard if you want to, but it'll take more out of you than with a Bab. To me it feels more like a large mid than a small MP.


**** everyone wants a fking APD Cortex now :(, fraeking have to wait like 2 weeks for mine :(