Demos= Guaranteed week of rain


yeah, that happened to me. Long, dry spell in the *******, so I order, so then comes the blessing of rain. . . a bit too late for the corn, though.


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One benefit of living in the northeast - the weather sucks on a regular basis, so indoor courts are plentiful.
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Funny that this thread began, I got a demo box late Thursday night and it is pouring all day today. Smh.
i know right!!! Always happens to me!! Which is why I bought half the racquets in my demo pile from talktennis classifieds this time. Im going to need a few months just to make sure I get a few outdoor hits in! Just more frustrating when I have a brand new unreleased Aero and can't hit with it!!! :eek:o_O:(
Got out for a quick hit... Cold and balls were damp but oh well!

Pure Drive Plus demo feeling better than the Pure Drive Tour Plus I bought.... Doh!!!

'19 Pure Aero feels more like 335SW and even balance but when swung fast it hits a great ball. Harder to use than the previous Aero though.

Surprise so far was the Strike100. Great on groundies. Maneuverable. Accurate. Only issue was losing 10mph+ on serve compared to pure drive plus.