Developing The Champion's Mindset.

thomas daniels

You know something?

What many tennis players don't understand it that...

Developing a Champion's mindset is not about becoming a Champion.

It's about reaching your full potential as a competitive tennis player before your career ends.

If you do that, you can walk away from the game feeling pretty good about yourself.

Wouldn't you agree?

Now, here are 3 things that you can do, to help you develop a Champion's Mindset.

1.) Champion yourself.

You must start developing personal authority over every aspect of your game.

I'm talking both with mental and tennis training and off the court as well.

Take full control over your actions and reactions to events.

Also, develop a non resistent attitude towards these events that happen.

You should look at everything as only feedback and then make the needed adjustments.

Stop looking for mental help from your coaches and parents.

And seek to discover your own indomitable spirit that is deep inside you.

2.) Bring your A game to practice daily.

All Champions know that, they actually win their tennis matches in practice.

This is why they bring their A game to practice every day or they don't go!!!

Because being a Champion is about being consistent with having successful practice habits.

I know players that have very bad practice habits and then they wonder why they aren't winning more matches.

Doesn't make sense does it?

3.) Know the game you are playing in your tennis matches.

And no... it's not tennis.

So wake up to this fact already!!

If you were playing tennis, you would be winning more matches.

Wouldn't you?

The game you are really playing in your matches is the mental game and your results will be determine by how well you learn how to play it.

Notice I said LEARN how to play it... you must learn this through experiencing it in your matches and learning how to mentally fight through it.

What's sad now about coaching is....

Most coaches don't know how to coach the mental game to their players and as a result, the players keep suffering from it.


Since you know what game you are really playing now, get the work on your mental game.

And remember this.

All tennis players are reproduction of their OWN thoughts!!!

Miki 1234

Tennis is a mix of subconscious lvl thinking and reacting plus concentration .
At least 90 % is concentration on top pro lvls.
So even with 10 % of thinking and reacting well you can reach even almost pro lvl meaning you dont need concentration at all. But you would have to know and see the game as a whole to pull that off plus crazy fitness.
It would take to long of time for most people to learn anyway. Coz its a try and fail many many times without giving up. Many futures players have done it to large extent.
Concentration is almost impossible to improve even with perfect subconscious lvls.
So its pretty much a stale mate for most.
Unless you can use your concentration with more effect.
That is possible.
But complicated.