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    Dec 2, 2005
    Everytime I'd read a comment that you can own a Wise and could use your crank as a back up if you lost power, I used to dismiss it, and wonder why would you be in a situation where you are stringing a racquet when you don't have power anyway?

    Well, Hurricane Ike hit Houston, and I was out of power for a week and a half. I was bored and wanted to string racquets. I have had a Wise Tension Head for over 2 years. I have a Gamma 6004 and never even took the crank out of the box and plastic until last week.

    I must say, the crank and diablo was excellent and a pleasure to work with. This was the first time I have ever used a diablo. I never thought it would make that much difference, (and perhaps it doesn't), but I really liked it because you are tensioning from the exact same height on every pull. Also the diablo makes it so you don't have to tension the crank clasps as tight. The diablo lessens the amount of pressure needed, thus being gentler on the string.

    The Gamma crank was really smooth, and the adjustments are all very simple.

    If I didn't have a Wise to begin with, I probably wouldn't have bought it because the Gamma 6004 crank was so nice to work with. I did contemplate getting rid of the Wise, but I do enjoy the consistency of it.

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