Diadora Speed Star K 2019?

Hello TW, do you know if Diadora is planning to release a new version of the Speed Star K series? I see the current line (Black w/Gold and White/Gold) are marked for clearance. If so, when and do you have information on new colors? The gold is
They already have; they call it the Speed Star K ACE. You can check the details on TWE, where it's available for sale. Just bought a pair, would be happy to share impressions once I try them out.

TW Staff

The Speed Star K Elite should be coming back in updated colors (men's: white/navy) mid-March!

I show a peek of the White version on the women's side in last week's vlog!

Michelle, TW
How are these shoes working out?
The K Stars are my go to shoe for a number of years now, primarily because of their fit. These are very similar to all of the previous iterations.
Comfort continues to be their most outstanding feature; sole durability has always been top notch and they are very well constructed. Cushioning is also very good though, in that respect, there are better offerings out there. Hardly a lightweight shoe but considering that they are partly made of leather, that was never the intention. Ventilation has improved over previous models but it's still barely adequate, especially in hot climates. The latter two I'm willing to live with as comfort and fit, especially for my wide feet, is my primary concern.