Diagnose my knee "pain"


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Hello tt, you helped me with my last knee issue. This one is more complex I think. It is the other knee now.

So I have a feeling of weakness in my left knee. I think that I may have caused it by torquing it during the service action (possibly from not bending enough or jumping off the ground).

The pain is general and it barely registers as pain but more of a weakness. There is no pain during flexing or squats but after prolonged use. There is also a movement/snapping/popping next to the kneecap at the top.

So the circle is where the movement and popping (not audible to ears but has to be felt with fingers). It is located next to the top of the patella.

The knee has valgus type behavior, so when i bend it the hip kicks out a little and the knee moves inwards. I am doing the usual exercises to fix this.

I am guessing it is IT band syndrome, it seems to fit the bill the most. The lateral side feels tighter and the IT band is tight.


I had a similar accident (torque) and pain in my knee for about two months (True that I had aggravated it with hiking 2 weeks after the injury).

It will gradually get better, doesn't yours?
I.e. mine was still hurting a bit last weekend at the beginning of the warm, a soft jog on clay (or when moving from corner to corner during rally practice), but it started to go away and I think that now it's completely gone. An Xray showed some calcification in a different place (behind the knee caps), but the two sports injury doctors who examined my knee weren't worried about the pain you describe (that I also had around that area and it's now almost gone).

Oh yeah and up until a month ago, I would get some pop and temporarily lock of my knee cap after use= gone now as well.


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In the past, I had knee pain in the exact area that you describe. It wasn't unbearably painful; went to rehab, rode the bike and did various exercises for several months. My knee pain did not improve.

I decided to have arthroscopic surgery, turns out I had a small tear in the lateral meniscus. The doctor trimmed the torn area and my knee has been virtually perfect.

Occasionally my knees get sore from tight IT band, if I foam roll, the pain will go away. When my meniscus was torn, foam rolling would not have alleviated my symptoms.


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Ok, so the "popping" is the IT band on the side of the knee where it attaches. Stretched it out a few times and it didn't help. Then yesterday i REALLY stretched it to the point where it was painful and it helped a bit.

After only a week of serious gluteus medius exercises I fixed my knee valgus considerably and perhaps it was just from sitting that weakened it. The IT band on my left leg is considerably tighter than my right.

The only strange thing is that occasionally there will be a slight momentary pain on the inside of my knee cap but when squatting there is no pain at all really.