Did anyone NOT enjoy the Flipper/Henman match???


I mean. these guys have all kinds of shots. serves,volleys,groundies,approaches,winners, great returns, angles,lobs,drama, passing shots, etc. this is what tennis should be IMO as opposed to the very boring grind it out from the back game. my .,02. ed


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Great match!!!! It's just too bad that it didn't go to a 5th. That would have been the icing on the cake!!! If Scud hadn't just missed two backhands in the 4th set tiebreak. The one down the line passing shot that missed by a cm and the crosscourt return on match point. Also, who knows what would have happened had Scud not gotten those 3 bad calls: on Henman's passing shot on break point at 5-5 in the 2nd, and the two service "aces" by Henman in the 3rd.

It was fun to watch all of England hold their collective breath during that match, though.


It was absolute rubbish!! Just joking. It was fantastic. Is serve and volley and shotmaking back and here to stay?


I enjoyed it, but my health didn't!!!

I first saw Henman at Wimbledon when I was 6 and I have thougth he would win one day, every match now is a heart stopper. All the English people get nervous but they don't really have the same desire as the real fans of tennis, they are just fans of the tournamnet.

The match was awesome and I get really wound up watching it, I often recreate the "running fist pump and chicken head" as he did against Coria when he wins a point.

9 years of hurt and I could be one week away from seeing him actually do it. It means a lot to me for him to do it.

Don't let me down Tim!!!! :D



It was a great match.. perhaps not shotmaking of the very highest quality but certainly had it's fair share of great shots and the tension was great :).

However I would point out that the Moya-Hewitt match was also a very entertaining match. Some of the shots that Moya pulled off were breath-taking. My only regret is I chose to watch the Fed-Karlovic match and only caught the last 1 and 3/4 sets of the Moya-Hewitt. Still at least I have both the Fed and Henman matches recorded for posterity :).
it was a good match i was on the edge of my seat in the tiebreak in the last set i was hoping it would go to five and see which player could outlast the other. But scud just missed that crosscourt backhand. Just think what would have happened if scud got the fourth set. I dont know if henman could have one in the fifth and if england had any energy left in them.


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I was hoping for a Hewitt vs. Federer match, but after seeing how Moya stepped it up, I wish he had made it to Federer. Even though he lost, Moya impressed me in that match. As for Mark, he needs some stimulants. I can't remember witnessing a start that slow. He was broken twice in the first set before NBC went off the air, so I had a strong feeling he was in for a loss.


I enjoyed it very much, pretty intense atmosphere, many great points one after another.

However, that enjoyment was sort of ruined because I had no idea where the hell the ESPN coverage went (the whole West Coast-US thing that occurred today) and was worried I was missing something or missing a lot. Certainly, we lost hours of coverage and hardly any made up for--because we lived in the Pacific Standard Time zone.

But yes, Henman vs. Philippoussis was a really good match :)



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There must be an unwritten rule at Wimby that Henman must never ever win an easy match. Even ones where he's playing great and looks to be on the way to a straight sets win, he manages to almost snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

At least he keeps them entertained and causes a few heart attacks :)
I thought it was a great match. What more could you ask for. To watch them serve volley was great. Much more exciting than a back court game.
When is Flipper going to get a clothes and racket deal? Is he just a jerk to deal with on a business level? Where does he get those generic whites and what racket is that blacked out thing he hits with?


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Whatever happened to Flipper's clothing contract with Flia? The last time I saw him play he was still wearing all Fila, as he has for many, many years. Why was he wearing the Wal-Mart specials at Wimby today?


It's still Fila, just VERY low key. Check out Getty Images under Henman and go through a few pages - it's subtle, but it's there. I actually really like it - good classical stuff. The bust up with Head is well known. They blew him out when his knee went and although he won't use anything else, he won't take their money / or they won't give him any. Either way, a reverse of normal ATP principals and paint jobs - very refreshing. Respect.


I think he uses a Head Prestige Classic 600.

And yes he still is with Fila. And yes Tim is the best!!!