Did Mary Carillo really say that?


Yes she did...
When Karolina Sprem broke Venus Williams in the first set of their match Mary Carillo says;
"And the Sprem count goes up!" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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She said another good one today, in reference to Mathieu's shirt. It happened just after the "injury" time-out when Nadal had to take a short break because a bite of banana got stuck in his throat. She said something to the effect that Everytime Nadal looks at Mathieu, he must be thinking about that banana. (Mathieu's shirt was yellow with a couple of artistic white swipes on the front.) Got a good laugh, and about a minute later, when there wasn't any commentary, you could still hear someone laughing in the broadcast booth.


I *love* Mary! You should have heard her figure skating show during the Olympics...I was crying I was laughing so hard!


Let's not get carried away.
She can be as annoying and as cloying as she can be off the wall.
I heard the reference to Mathieu's shirt too. It had me cracking up as well.


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My favorite Carillo-ism of the day was something to the effect of "If Nadal is taken out by a banana, I weep for our sport."-----CLASSIC! I love Mary's commentating.