Did Nike change the sizes for 2014?


Yesterday I've been lurking in a mall and I've been looking in the Nike store.
They had a few Tennis things, from 2014, the 9.5 were the only shoes they had so far, I was interested in the Lunar's to check some sizes.
I have a comfortable relation with the 4.3 size 44.5 EU/28.5 cm which seems at the very limit but I've been reading that for the Lunar a size smaller would be recommended so I should go for the 44's/28 cm?

Second, they also had shorts and shirts from Federer and Nadal Australian Open. I saw Nadal's shirt and my impression, while looking at the L size is that it's larger than the 2013 variant ( I have the purple one from Spring 2013 ). The L looked similar or bigger than the XL I have from 1 year ago. Didn't try it out cause I was already in a hurry.

Also, the shorts seem to have changed a lot, the material feels different, I have the 2012 versions sized L, did they chage anything regarding the size? Wider? Tighter? Should I go for M in this case if I plan to order from TT Europe?


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I bought the new Lunar`s one whole size smaller than other previous NIKE shoes (44,5 instead of 45,5)


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I never wore 4.3s - they were not the right fit for me. But for years I have found NIKE sizes to be the most consistent. Last 10 pairs of different Nike shoes (mostly running) I bought were all 45,5 (and all were at my limit). I also tried the vapors 9, 9,5 and the new cages and in all cases 45,5 was the right number for me.