Diego Maradona dies aged 60


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It's actually something of a miracle that he lasted as long as he did. I'm not a big football/soccer fan and can't say I held the man himself in high esteem (I'll refrain from quoting this old Argie friend who had rather choice words to describe the football legend's intelligence), but millions of fans and admirers around the world would disagree vehemently and 60 is too young an age to die for anyone. Hope the end (cardiac arrest) wasn't too painful. RIP.


An excellent but also controversial football player. Despite all its negatives, Maradona is one of the greatest persons in the history of football. Let the earth be light for him.


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I just saw. I'm not a big international football fan but I heard of him many times so that shows how much of a legend he was. 2020 has been a terrible year.
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Probably the greatest number 10 soccer player ever along with Pele, Platini. I remember when much younger i was watching on Sundays night the 'Domenica Sportiva' the italian soccer show and being fortunate to see him playing for Napoli.

Rest in peace.


Que en paz descanses Diego.

Has an argument as the best sportsman ever. Given that he is widely considered to be the best of the most popular (by far) sport. So the pool talent that he had to compete against was insane when compared to any other sport.

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Gary Lineker, who was in the England side beaten by Maradona's Argentina in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final, led the tributes on Twitter, writing: "By some distance the best player of my generation and arguably the greatest of all time.

"After a blessed but troubled life, hopefully he'll finally find some comfort in the hands of God. #RipDiego."

Welsh soccer star George Best was also a victim of stardom.
Many examples of the very inhumane idea of geniuses, idols, stars, celebrities.
Northern Ireland.

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If any of you have any interest in him then I can recommend this book:

Check this out at Amazon
Angels With Dirty Faces: The Footballing History of Argentina https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1409126943/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_fabt1_n6RVFb7B03AA8

Not just about him, but about the principle of the 'pibe' the cherubic and mercurial street footballer and Argentine football in general (which has him as such a part of it from the late 70s onwards).

I read it a few months before watching the Asif Kapadia documentary on him and it gave me a real insight in to him and his place in Argentinian football.


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What Maradona achieved in Naples has no parallel that I can think of.
I think Napoli and Maradona were just a perfect match for each other. For Napoli i intend also the Napoletan people who are very generous, with big hearts but also very exited, full of live and contradictions, in some cases just like Maradona. He was literally adopted by Napoli and his people and he fully accepted it and played for them only.


Maradona was so amazing in the 1986 World Cup and made many fans around the world root for the ‘Albiceleste‘ Argentine team including me. I will never forget his second goal against England (the one after the ‘Hand of God’) and the goal against Belgium where he dribbled from the half-line all the way to the goal. Too bad he fell prey to cocaine and alcohol. RIP.



Rafa: Today the world of sports in general and football in particular has a void. It left us #Maradona one of the greatest athletes in history. What he did in football remains. My sincere and condolences to his family, the world of football and all of Argentina


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Pelé is a GOAT of football.
Was Pele even GOAT of his national team? When he got injured and missed most of WC’62, Brasil still won behind the genius Garrincha. That guy was magical, much like Maradona in dribbling skills with a cannon shot and aerial skills even at 5’6”. Amarildo, Pele’s substitute in 1962, scored three goals playing by his side so he knew how to create for his teammates.

Sadly, The Little Wren also had a severe drinking issue and died of cirrhosis in his early 60s. Millions attended his funeral in Rio. Brasília named their stadium after the national hero.

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I still can't believe he got away with that goal!!!!
He was great at that as well!!!
Strange epitaph for this player....he is best known for scoring a goal which he did not score.

To quote one of the posts above, the Hand of God is in God's hands now.
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Very very sad to read this just now on the news.

Many people have already noted he did all that with the old 80's balls. Maradona really is a case of quite unimaginable what he would have done with the new equipment; that is, modern balls and the professional standard field pitches of today.

When he was playing for Napoli, I remember when he got free kick he would go point at whatever corner he was aiming for and the ball would be in that corner before most goalies could even react.


Foreigners usually can't grasp how much Maradona meant for all of us. Argentinians I mean. We had been humiliated by the Falklands war against the UK. Our country ran to the ground by a corrupt and fascist military dictatorship. In that context Maradona came along. Defeating the english in the process. Winning for us the world cup. He was and still is, with all his flaws, our biggest cultural icon. He represented, for many people around the world, the opressed, the poor, against the rich elites and central powers. Maybe for the average Joe in the US this would be hard to understand. How much of an impact this guy had around the globe. He is in my estimation, granted a bit biased, the biggest sport icon in history. Jordan probably comes second, but not that close.