Diego Schwartzman equipment?


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Mold (or mould as people seem to like to say here) , frame generation, strings and tension, grip, you know the drill.

Or if there’s a thread already up please direct me to it.


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Sorry, I was wrong, looking at some pictures from today it is clearly a hybrid, not sure what it is tho


Watching the USO QF right now and boy can the Argentine fight! Very curious about Diego's racquet specs. Isn't bothered by Rafa's heavy balls and absolutely cracking it. Anyone know his full racquet specs? Thanks.


Dang, that makes the power he generates even more impressive.
Maybe it's just me, but I've always been able to hit my biggest shots with ALU Power (and I've played with pre- and post-BT7 Babolat VS Team, and even Champion's Choice), so Diego using a full bed of ALU makes perfect sense to me.

It's by no means a low powered string.