Difference between 2 Babolat bags?


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Hey All,

I'm looking to upgrade to a bigger bag, and noticed a large difference in price on 2 of the Babolat bags I'm looking at. the first one is selling for ~$55 is the "Babolat Team Line 12 Pack BK/Blue Bag" While the "Babolat Team Line Bags Blue 12 Pack" is selling for about $80. Is the second one just the newer model?

First Bag: http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Babolat_Team_Line_Tennis_Bags_BlackBlue/descpageBGBAB-B70912.html

Second Bag: http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Babolat_Team_Line_Bags_Blue/descpageBGBAB-BTLB12BL.html

max pl


funny enough, i was just looking at the exact same bags before i came to the forum and saw this post.

i'm interested in the 3 pack myself and will likely just go with the newer one since its only 15 bucks more.
may change my mind though and get the cheaper one as these are just bags after all, and i dont go to a club where i can impress anyone.