Difference in feel between weight and swing weight

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    Hi, my first post here. I've been playing been tennis for a few years now and I've been playing hand me down racquets until now as I'm getting more serious about it. I reviewed the characteristics of the racquets and I still don't understand the difference between these 2 concepts.

    If the weight of the racquet is 11 oz. and the swing weight is say, under 300, would it be the same as a racquet that is 9 oz. in weight and a swing weight of 330? What is the difference in terms of feel? Which one produce more control and which one more power?
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    Static weight is the racket's initial weight. So if my racket is 12 ounces, that's it's normal weight. The swingweight is a little bit more interesting. It's the feel (if you will) of the racket as you swing it through the air. A racket with a higher swingweight will feel more sluggish and heavy through the air than a racket with a lighter swingweight, which will conversely feel very fast and light through the air. Swingweight and Static weight are somewhat independent from each other, I could have a heavy 12 oz racket with a 310 swingweight and it'll feel very fast and light when swinging it through the air, or I could have a 9 oz racket with a 350+ SW and it'll feel very sluggish and heavy.

    Swingweight also effects the plowthrough of the ball, higher swingweights will usually allow you to generate more power and more plowthrough, and also usually hit a heavier ball. A racket with too high a swingweight will be difficult to swing, especially if it's static weight is really high.

    In terms of feel, a higher swingweight transcends into a racket having a more solid feel, more comfortable and more stability, while a lower swingweight can sometimes feel like the ball is pushing the racket back, and a more harsh feel.

    This should give you all the info you need.

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