Difference in feel of Volkl and PK Kinetic racquets?

Discussion in 'TW Questions/Comments' started by broulee, Dec 7, 2005.

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    This is a message for Don (or anybody else wih same experience) at TW. I have followed the reviews you have participated in and now notice you now use a Volkl V9. How does this comapre in feel/cushioning/arm friendly/feed back to the ProKennex 7g you once used. I have until now been a Volkl user and am considering a change to ProKennex for my next racquet. Now my CatV1OS has more power than I need so its back to the TW site for research and purchase of the next racquet. Here in Australia I live in a small coastal village and a demo of any racquet is out of the question. Thanks
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    Jan 21, 2004
    Hmm, a small coastal village in Australia; mid-Summer (Down Under). Perhaps you'd like to trade places for a couple months, demo a bunch of sticks...

    Actually broulee, I've been out of action since June with tennis elbow. My recollection is that the Tour 9 V-Engine was similar to the PK Kinetic Pro 7g. However, I could switch back to the 7g without any problems; it was that good for my game, arm, etc. The Cat V1 OS is a very different racquet from either the Tour 9 V-Engine or the Kinetic Pro 7g - much more powerful. However, if you're looking to drop down in power, you might consider the V1 Classic. If you're interested in the PK line, check out the Kinetic Pro 15g Light or even the 7g. In the Ionic line, look at the 15 and 5x. Go to http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/ProKennexRacquets.html. Don/Tennis Warehouse
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    Feb 10, 2005
    Hello Broulee nice place you live . My experience with the area nobody sells prince or volkl. Closest place 2 play test a racquet would be Sydney or Canberra. Choices from local coaches are Head, Wilson, Babolet & Fischer. Who coaches you.?
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    Thanks AB, but I know I can get the other brands in Syd or Canb however they dont stock Volkl or PK. I have purchased all but my 1st racquet from TW and they have all been Volkl's except my last 1 which is the Head FP Instinct. Have decided it is usual Head rubbish want a quality racquet again.

    I noticed in another forum u asked about customs etc. I agree with other posts use USPostal. Have orderd racquets, strings, shoes, clothing, grips, sunglasses, books etc and not peep from customs. Was hit by customs and agents fees 2 out of 3 times when I initially used to use FedEx, which almost negated the savings. US Postal is quick as well.

    Be aware that some manufacturers (I know Head is one) have serial codes on their gear and know which region the gear was initially distributed to. They will only warrant that gear when purchased and claimed within that region. So you run the risk of being without warranty on goods depending on the manufacturer. My theory is the $ savings justify the gamble.

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