Different racquet -> Different balance?

Don't know if any of you have faced the following situation and therefore thought to share my experience:

Polarized vs./ Depolarized racquets

I have experimented heavily in the past trying to come up whit an ideal set up for me. In all fields whether racquet selection, stiffness, balance, strings, setup etc.

Lately I have been very fond of the PT630 at around 340grams, 335SW, 33.1 balance. I think we all cna agree this being an "old school" frame is more de-polarized.

Suddenly I decided to try to bring to similar specs the Wilson PS97 (2016 edition). Brought it close enough, but it felt terribly swinging. Decided then to start changing the specs with some lead in various positions, only by feeling. I got to a point where I felt equally comfortable. The result specs were 342gr, 332SW, 32.15cm balance.

I had some other more modern racquets laying round (Donnay P1, HEAD TGK231.5) and went for it to see if I would replicate my findings. It were the same. The HEAD Pro Stock ended up close to the PT630, the Donnay close to the PS97.

The PT630 and the TGK231.5 resulted to an MgR/I of 21.15 and the PS97/P1 of 20.75 (roughly speaking).

however, all of them felt equally comfortable swinging. Trying to match one cluster with the others' specs ended with disastrous results

Any thoughts?
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I’m curious about others thoughts on this as well. I have 6.1 25th anniversary, I like them at 31.5cm while I like the ultra tour despite it being around 32.5cm. Maybe I’m just not that picky about balance.


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As I understand some players like always the same specs, so they customize racquets to meet them. If it doesn't play well, let it go ;)
I'm so far not bound to any specs or even balance, so I guess I'm similar to you Kakatsis, in the end I end up with different specs when I'm satisfied.
I guess hoop geometry plus drilling distribution at least should have a word here, so having just same specs doesn't guarantee your best satisfaction.