Different strings, same weight but different swingweight? Possible?


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Looking for a 1-2 punch knock out answer for this. Recently changed strings a few months back. Went from a 17g syn gut to a 16g multi. The strung weight of the racquet is the same but for some reason feels like it swings heavier?
I know different strings can change swingweight due to the gauge and weight but if the overall weight is the same, surely this is all in my head right?


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If the overall weight is the same then the weight of the strings is the same. Assuming you used the same pattern in both rackets. If the same pattern was used for the same weight string then the String (and string weight) is distributed the same in the racket. If your weight and distribution of the weight in the racket are the same the swing weight and balance must be the same.

On the other hand did you change your OG, vibration dampener, head protection tape, or anything else that could amount to any weight change. If you lost 2 g in an OG and gained 2 g in string weight then the weight would remain the same but the SW and the balance would change significantly. In this situation your racket would be harder to swing for two reasons, 1) you balance goes up and 2) your SW goes up.
aerodynamic resistance!! is what im thinking
16g thick string is not cutting through the air as well as a 17g thick string, 1.30mm vs 1.25mm
if the grams weight is "in fact", the same after being on the racket, then the thickness of the string on the racket will act different through the air