Different Tennis Balls - How do they play?


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My son's coach gets them to bring their own balls for practice. I've bought them the Wilson US Open balls. They play competitive tennis and the circuit that they compete in uses the Wilson US Open balls.

I'm wondering what difference it would make if I got them Dunlop Fort balls to play with instead. The Wilson US Open balls dont seem to last long.


Certain balls are very bouncey and reactive. I personally play with Wilson US Open balls but I'm considering changing because like you said, they don't last very long.

I've used dunlop balls before and they were so responsive off the racquet it was unreal.


good to play with a VARIETY of balls, because even though you say the circuit he plays in uses Wilson US Open, he'll eventually get to a tournament and they will use Penn, or Dunlop, etc. Mainly it's psychological if he gets to a tournament and sees/plays with a ball he has rarely hit with, so if you mix it up a bit he will have a comfort with any ball

Personally, for high school practice, we use either the Dunlop (4 ball can) that we buy for $2.39 or the Penn XXX (blemished) that sell for .99/can of 3. Both wear very well, for matches we use Penn Heavy Duty, or US Open (Wilson) though that seems to fuzz up a bit by the 2nd set, still strong bounce though.