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Hola TW Team -- A non-merchandise question/dilemma. For roughly eight weeks now, I've been unable to reach the Talk Tennis boards through normal channels. Every browser I've tried on a secured network has prevented me from reaching the message boards but I have no issue reaching the other parts of the Tennis Warehouse site. I'm only able to post this very message via a public wi-fi band that is less secure than my normal network, but when I run the "talk tennis" URL through an SSL server tester, it comes back with an "incomplete SSL certificate chain". On a more secure network, I get the "it's not safe" type message but when I choose to venture forward, it tells me that the page cannot be loaded. With access via this public wifi network, I'm connected and able to go back through past posts where this seems to happen every year. Can someone on the TW side take a look at the SSL certificate? It doesn't seem to be expired but it shows as an incomplete certificate chain.

Also, as an fyi, I probably won't see a response to this post immediately as I only have access to this public wifi band once or twice a week. Thanks!
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Hi @Gemini -

Thank you for the message. We've sent you a message via private conversation in hopes of getting this issue fixed.

Tiffani, TW