Dimitrov has gone from Baby Fed to Infant Fed


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This guy's game has regressed so much it's so hard to watch him play. He'd been better off playing in the 80's. He doesn't have a single weapon, does everything well, is very predictable and plays a very beautiful non threatening style of tennis. The most important stroke by far in tennis is the serve. This is why serve bots like Isner and Raonic have decent careers. If you have an amazing serve the rest of your game can be average and you can do quite well. Hey Grigor, fix your freaking serve....................get some easy points bud. You make your serve better and you'll be top 10. I won't even get into all those backhand slices, and how rarely you hit any balls deep into the court.

I think today you were using a RF97, but looking at your strokes, it looked like you were using a 93. Get more air under your shots.............hit the ball deeper. News flash: pace when landing just beyond the service line is pointless, anyone can get those back.

Are you using an Eastern grip on your forehand? Get a semi- western grip, it's not 1988 anymore. And if you already are using a semi-western i have nooooo idea what you're doing.

All these coaching and racquet changes....................................fix your freaking serve, and hit your groundies deep, geez, tennis is not racquet science. I'm available to coach you just hit me up. You're getting old fast pal. Can't believe you were once considered the future.


Hall of Fame
Can't really blame the guy. In life, underachievers tend to stay underachievers. They never develop enough confidence or discipline to get out of their rut.