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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by drs, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    After demoing, I purchased a new racquet (from TW) a little over a year ago. I played for a while with it and was very happy. Around the end of last year, I bought a second one (also from TW) to have a backup. I started playing with it, and it soon became apparent that I was not playing well at all -- I lost all control and could not keep the ball in play. To make a long story short, I finally closely compared the racquets, and they are not very similar at all. The handles, while both rated at the same size, seem to be at least a full size different. The weight and balance are different, and the stiffness does not feel the same. In other words, they seem to be the same racquet in name only. I understand that I bought them nearly a year apart, but is this sort of difference common? What do other people do when this happens?
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    Are those Wilsons?
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    It depends. There are some racquets that, when purchased several years apart, may act similar due to the same mold, materials, etc. has been used for it's construction. Due to the economy, manufacturers may be doing some cost savings for the same racquet they are making, therefore the construction of the racquet will use slightly different materials.

    This may be a more common occurrence nowadays.

    What I would do is sell the new racquet you purchased, and try to get a used racquet from someone or somewhere that more closely matches the older manufacturing process.
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    haha must be. Ordered 4 PS85s from TW at the same time and not two were alike. Not just small differences but the feel, the paint, the balance. Was like someone was eyeballing a recipe for every racquet made. I had to take brand new racquets, strip them apart and match them. Even still they don’t play the same. Still pisses me off every time I take them out to hit. Wish I could get a refund from Wilson for their horrid QC
  5. djnemo

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    I once bought a Pro Kennex 7g from TW. It was listed at 27.5 inches in length, but it measured in at 27.2 inches in length. Some variance is expected among most brands.
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    Some companies are better than others in this regard. I recently bought 2 Wilson 6.1 95's and although the weight and balance were close one plays much more solid and crisp. I also just purchased 2 Tecnifibre 305's and the weight was spot on but one was more headlight than the other. So usually you have to do a little work to match them up with some lead and if you're lucky they will play similarly. My Donnay x-dual golds actually were the best at playing the same and I even purchased them at different tennis shops.

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