DIY Paintjob on Pro Staff 95 BLX2


I recently bought a Pro Staff 95 BLX2 that was very well used by a pro (not ATP level) and looked it. It was customised by a professional (lead in throat and I think at 12, silicone in the handle).

Last Sunday I spontaneously started (machine-)sanding down, only the areas I could reach with the machine without removing strings & grommets. Not sure of the weight before sanding unfortunately. So it looks like this now:

As I never hit with a PS95 I want play-test the racket first before removing strings and grommets and sanding down the rest of it. I might go for a graphite look and only clear-coat the racket, or only use color for some parts and leave the rest without color. Not sure yet... If you have ideas, let me know :)

I will update this thread, as the project makes progress... this might take time. Stay tuned.
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machine sanding is a slippery really what to be gently and slow..not taking off too much graphite ...phases a very very fine sandpaper has work great for me..


It would be cool if you put the new RF85 paint job on there, maybe you can do it mostly matte with some gloss. I enjoy DIY threads.