Djokovic’s impressive record against the rest of the Big 4 on slow HC


Djokovic may have to beat Murray, Federer, and Nadal in consecutive matches to win the title in Miami. It sounds like a difficult task, but let’s take a look at his record against them on rubber.

He has competed against Federer, Nadal, and Murray on slow hard courts 19 times and won 16 of those matches. Of those 19 matches, he is 5-1 against Federer, 5-1 against Nadal, and 6-1 against Murray.

He is 6-1 against them at the Australian Open (only loss to Federer in 2007), 5-1 against them in Indian Wells (only loss to Nadal in 2007), and 5-1 against them in Miami (only loss to Murray in 2009).

He has won his last 5 matches against Federer, his last 5 matches against Nadal, and his last 4 matches against Murray. Overall, he has 10 straight wins and has won 15 of his last 16 matches against them on slow HC.

Outside of Novak’s 3 losses, Federer’s final set tie breaker loss at this year’s Indian Wells is tied for the closest that the Big 4 have come to beating him on slow HC. Nadal also lost to him in a final set tie breaker in Miami in 2011.

I don’t think that any member of the Big 4 has beaten each of the other 3 in a single tournament, let alone consecutively. If Federer and Nadal do their part in meeting him, it seems like Djokovic has a good shot at becoming the first to do so.

edit: It looks like Fed did it at the 2010 WTF.
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He is now 18-3 against the big 4 on slow HC.

He has won the last 12 meetings and 17 of the last 18.

This year he went 6-1 in sets against the big 4. Only Federer managed to take a set.