Djokovic #3 and Murray #4 for 3rd year in a row.


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I think its interesting to note that Djokovic will finish the year at number 3, and Andy Murray at number 4 again this year. This is the third year in a row these 2 have finished in these positions.
This is also Djokovics 4th year in a row where he will finish as the number 3.

It's pretty amazing how consistent the top 4 have been for the last 3 years, and how consistent Nadal and Federer have been the for the last 5 years.
Misleading, I feel. The higher ranked you are, the more predictable your tournament will be. You won't even face a decent player (relatively speaking) until the quarterfinals, maybe later.

Hey, I give these guys credit. It's hard as hell to reach the top of the rankings, but once you make it there, it's very hard to fall down. You could go months without beating a top 25 player, and still make it to the quarterfinals or further of every tournament, thus further inflating your ranking.

Not saying this is happening with Djokovic or Murray. Just saying.


More proof Murray is overhyped. He cant even surpass Djokovic in the year end rankings and fails year after year to do so.
And with that Djok tops Wilander's record for consecutive year end no.3's :)

Djokovic now has two unique records:
1.Consecutive year end number 3
2.The youngest player to reach the semis of all 4 majors(which is a nice one to have,I think at the end of your career,and impressive to have beaten all the greats to it)

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We need one new player to seriously **** up the tour next year.

Well, we did for a while. Really, things could potentially be much different if JMDP (aka Juan the Hammer) had remained healthy.

It's been a strange year for the top ten, I mean, Youzhny rounding out the top ten is kind of bizarre. Davy and JMDP are glaring absentees.

In terms of titles, the top 2 dominate and had all the slams. All the slam finalists make up #'s 3-6

01. Nadal - 7 (3 slams)
02. Federer - 5 (1 slam)
03. Djoker - 2 (slam finalist)
04. Muzza - 2 (slam finalist)
05. Sod - 2 (slam finalist)
06. Berd - 0 (slam finalist)
07. Ferrer - 2
08. A-rod - 2
09. Verd - 2
10. Youzh - 2
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