Djokovic about Fedal on ATP Council : It goes both ways.... they can also come to me

He knows this place. As does Nadal.

The ATP has finally found a leader in Novak Djokovic who has the mental fortitude to raise the banner of rebellion and to lead that revolution.
Nadal and Federer will be more than happy to see Djokovic distract himself from his tennis career again.

Donaldson came out all guns blazing ready to take it to the matador but nothing he did was enough. Rafa was so in the zone. Donaldson has a great game though. One of the bright up and coming players.
How very cosy:

Call it Champions in California Getting Coffee: “I spoke to Rafa the other day, for quite some time,” said Roger. “He came to the house, we had coffee together.”
“We’re aligned and we agree that we should be tailing and coming up with a proper plan.”
Roger and Rafa are like blood brothers. They do fall out every now and again but they are still brothers.
That is like asking why Bill Gates's corporation gets to keep the lion's share of the income from selling Windows OS, instead of sharing it with his workers in the China factories that "produce" it.

Maybe Federer, Nadal and Djokovic feel like workers in a factory in China?

Not a good analogy. No one cares if Lei-Chen or Fu writes a part of the code for Windows. The software is the product.

People do care if a professional tennis player, or you or I are playing in a tournament for which tickets have been purchased. The athletes are the product. Bill Gates can hire other software people. Roger Feder cannot draw the people Roger Federer can.