Djokovic already (almost) qualified for the ATP finals


So With the 670 points of the ATP Cup and now 2,000 points, he already totals 2,670 points. After only 1 month, he is basically qualified for the ATP finals in London.
In comparison, Berrettini (the 8th ticket for the ATP finals last year) had exactly 2,670 points when he qualified for London. Djokovic reached the same total in 2 tournaments.

In the Race to London, he already totals 2,160 more than Nadal and 1,400 more than his first opponent Thiem. The ATP cup made a huge difference. Knowing he is supposed to play in Dubaï and lost early in IW and Miami last year (135 points), he could really secure his #1 position for a long time, now. Federer and Thiem are 2,500 points behind and have a lot to defend in March, so they are no no thread in the short run. Unless he has disastrous results in the 2 US M1000 and Nadal wins IW (360p/SF to defend), he is almost certain to stay #1 in February and March. I have a feeling he won't repeat the same bad results in March and won't lose his position anytime soon.