Djokovic and Nadal can still play Queen's

Should Djokovic and Nadal play Queen's

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I think Nadal getting grass practice isn't extremely necessary, given 2018. He'll know his body best, though, and he wasn't really pushed extremely hard at RG. A warmup could do him good (especially to guarantee no early exits due to surface transition), but only if he thinks that a warmup would be better than dedicated grass practice at a private facility with coaches.

Novak, on the other hand, should not play. He's not typically vulnerable early in Wimbledon, and he had a tough semi with Thiem at Wimbledon. I think he's got enough match practice, and just needs to practice on grass courts in non-match conditions. In 2018 he played because he felt out of the loop, and like he was off his game. This year he seems like he's doing as well as is to be expected in the majors.

So yeah. Nadal maybe, Djokovic no.


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Just thought it was an important quote from, Indenpendent UK.

"Last year's runner-up Novak Djokovic and 2008 champion Rafael Nadal also have spots reserved if they opt to take them."

So far, Tsitsipas, Anderson, del Potro, Cilic and López are on the lineup.
My guess, they won’t play. Djokovic rarely chooses a grass warmup and gone are the days of Nadal winning RG, Queens and Wimbledon. I reckon they can both gamble and use the early rounds against no-marks at Wimbledon to hone their grass games.


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No reason for Rafa to play, it will only damage his confidence ahead of Wimbledon if he loses to someone like Cilic in the QF.

Best for him now is to take some rest, go fish, and then practice on grass, maybe playing exo like last year is a good idea too.

Though I don’t see any reason for Joe Kovic not to play . He still looks like a robot, never gets tired. Why not to go scavanger mode and take free title?
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The first three/four rounds of Wimbledon are pretty much a warm up for these guys so why bother?

That's assuming Rafa gets to the second week without facing a big server who can hit flat, skiddy strokes whilst there's still green grass around. Last year it was thoroughly depressing watching players hitting like they were on a clay court and seeing Rafa swat them aside.


Nadal will skip Queens like last year, to avoid being tired. It gave him good results as well.